13 September 2008

Using intellisense in ISV & sitemap XML

In order to reduce typing mistake in customizing CRM Titan's ISV and sitemap XML, we can configure it to use with intellisense in Visual Studio.

Download the latest CRM4 SDk, extract out. we need to make use of sdk\server\schemas
Open ISV.xml with VS2008, click browse under schema in properties window goto importexport. Add the file "isv.config.xsd" (for ISV) "customizations.xsd" (for Sitemap)
Use comment function in VS to comment out the tag highlighted (Remember uncomment it before import to CRM)

Now, intellisense is ready to use...

Configure for sitemap is more easy compare to ISV. (You don't need to comment the default tags)
After open the sitemap.xml in VS, make sure the 2 xsd is added as mentioned above.
Is ready to use now...


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