13 December 2008

How to enable custom query string passing in CRM 4

Scenario: Auto fill in lookup fill on prospect create mode.

By default, MSCRM do not allow us to change the url of the CRM form,it will prompt CRM error page, for example the new prospect form. Url ended with this" /sfa/leads/edit.aspx"

How can I add custom parameter behind? " /sfa/leads/edit.aspx?user=Yang"
So that I can use javascript grab the parameter and perform additional tasks.

we need to do is change/add a DWORD registry key
named [DisableParameterFilter] under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM],
set the value to 1.

Run iisreset, now you can append your custom parameters like normal ASP.NET web form.


  1. this does not seem to work with the new phone call function but it works with new appointment, task, and email? Any reasonw hy?


  2. Can you post the error message you get & the complete URL you created with query string?

  3. can I expect any adverse impact that may fall upon the reg changes on production servers?
    Because I definitely not gonna love that!!

  4. FYI, I have use this setting for more than 1 year, everything is working fine, but I must emphasize that this is unsupported customization.
    So, you hold responsible for any issues that it might cause.