21 July 2009

CRM 4 - Small changes:big effect

1) Multi-Columns sorting

All CRM view actually support multi-columns sorting, the key point is user must press [shift] and click the second column, seems not much users notice this usefull feature.

2) Manipulate CRM Privileges

If you found that your entity privileges in security role page just consist of "None Selected" (empty red circle) or "Organization" (filled green circle). Please double check your entity information ownership is it set correctly.
-for organization owned entities - only Organization and none security levels allowed
-for user owned entities - none, user, business unit, parent child business unit and organization level allowed.

Sql query for better understanding...
SELECT OwnershipTypeMask as mask,*
FROM MetadataSchema.Entity
WHERE OwnershipTypeMask=8
ORDER BY OwnershipTypeMask


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