23 January 2009

CRM 4: Modify default system view

Custom create view in CRM allowed us to delete and take control of all setting in the view; eg.: remove display colum, searching fields...

While CRM default view limited the customization of the view, you will see those view showing "You cannot delete this view". I will show some simple trick in order to Enable it back (You can delete system view then :D )

The CRM view setting actually store inside the database table [savedquerybaseset ]
Column [IsCustomizable]: * default is 0, just update it to 1.

Column [IsPrivate] to value 1 to hide.
update savedquerybaseset IsCustomizable=1
where name like 'test delete%'

If you having problem to remove column from view, refer to KB below:
Error message when you customize a view

Simple add about:blank to Trusted Sites.


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