05 January 2009

CRM4: Adding CRM style's button in template page

I added my custom link Bulk SMS Template to a custom aspx page.
First of all, browse to the CRMWeb, then Tools>>Templates>>map_xml.aspx
If you study the carefully, you will see the pattern. Just copy another set and then change to your custom page URL. You also can apply back the CRM default privilege setting on new added button.

<% if (Microsoft.Crm.Security.User.GetPrivilege(CurrentUser, Privileges.ReadContractTemplate)) { %>

Bulk SMS Template


Create and manage custom template for SMS message.


<% } %>

*page id put others number that does not exist on existing page.
* Get privilege function means that it will visible to user who has the privilege!


  1. if anyone is interested, the URL to open the default list view for the entity so that standard CRM functionality can be used is


    the 10001 is the objecttypecode for the custom entity you will have created to hold your template functionality