29 September 2008

CRM Titan for vision impaired users

CRM Titan provided special feature that support High Contrast Mode in Windows.
We use Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen to enable the High Contrast in Windows.
If we didnt turn on the High Contrst mode in CRM, we cant experience the optimized output view.

Under personalize workplace>General Tab> there is a checkbox to enable the CRM running on High Contrast mode. Check it to optimized the support for vision impaired users.

26 September 2008

Maximum Upload File Size in CRM Titan

Previously in CRM 3, the maximum file size for attachment can be configure/found in the registry. In CRM Titan, Microsoft decided to store in Database because of Multitenancy Installation.

For some reason, I need to build a custom template page which can allow user to upload attachment, for the ease of configuration, i decided to share the attribute use by CRM to handle Max file size upload.

After some research, finally found that it is store under organizationbase table. It store as bytes data type. Remmember to multiply 1024 for actual bytes value.

select MaxUploadFileSize from organizationbase

23 September 2008

Money Data Type Attribute Issue

If you faced [Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] error on creating new record; and you confirm is not javascript problem...
then it might be the CRM4 Money Data Type issue.

Scenario: Let say you created a money data type field in custom entity, then you realise you select the wrong data type and remove it. (should be number instead of money).

If you add a Money data type and then delete, you probably will hit this error unless you still have others money attribute in that Entity.

Create at least one attribute with Money data type to solve the problem.
Just don't display the field if you don't wan it, but it must exist in entity.

21 September 2008

URL Encode/Decode

Found this usefull encode/decode reference table from google.
This table help me a lots when working with encode/decode query string.

18 September 2008

How to enable more than 8 Tabs in CRM form?

CRM default limit the tabs in form to 8 tabs only. We can easily [unlock]
 it by changing the CRM default ASPX page.

*Bear in mind that this is an unsupported customization, it might be replace by any Patch/RoleUp

browse to CRM installation directory, then go

and change the variable to the numbers of tabs you wish.
var _iMaxTabs = 8;

Here is the result I changed the limit to 10 tabs

13 September 2008

Using intellisense in ISV & sitemap XML

In order to reduce typing mistake in customizing CRM Titan's ISV and sitemap XML, we can configure it to use with intellisense in Visual Studio.

Download the latest CRM4 SDk, extract out. we need to make use of sdk\server\schemas
Open ISV.xml with VS2008, click browse under schema in properties window goto importexport. Add the file "isv.config.xsd" (for ISV) "customizations.xsd" (for Sitemap)
Use comment function in VS to comment out the tag highlighted (Remember uncomment it before import to CRM)

Now, intellisense is ready to use...

Configure for sitemap is more easy compare to ISV. (You don't need to comment the default tags)
After open the sitemap.xml in VS, make sure the 2 xsd is added as mentioned above.
Is ready to use now...

12 September 2008

Latest CRM4 SDK 4.0.6

Microsoft Dynamic CRM has released the latest SDK v 4.0.6. Some of the changes:
Get it from HERE

1) The Plug-in walk through in the SDK has been updated to match the readme that is included in the SDK\Walkthroughs folder.

2) The Readme file in the SDK\tools\deployworkflowtool folder has been corrected.

3) Additional sample code has been added in the Scripting Sample Code topic.

4) New content has been added to the URL Addressable Forms topic.

* Credit goes to Amy Langlois

09 September 2008

Extend HyperLink Control Usage in ASP.Net

Code implementation like below [wrapping controls within control] enabled user to control the image size because it is an individual tag. If we need to hide the link base on certain condition,simply set the visibility of "linkNewEmail" to false. Whole hyperlink+image+label will be invisible because it treat as one component.

  <br /><asp:HyperLink ID="linkNewEmail" runat="server" NavigateUrl="Default.aspx"><br /><asp:Image ID="Image2" runat="server" ImageUrl="icoNewTemplate.gif"/> <br /><asp:Label ID="Label3" runat="server" Text="New Email Template"></asp:Label><br /></asp:HyperLink><br />

03 September 2008

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 issue (Terminate Unexpected)

Recently I installed the VS2008 SP1 on my development machine, after that I face a strange issue; where I can't add custom web control (right click>choose items), after a while, VS2008 terminate directly.

Problem is cause by the conflict between SP1 and the "Power Commands" tools.
Thanks for the MSDN forum.

Solution: Uninstall the Power Commands tools.