11 November 2011

CRM 4.0 update rollup 20

Latest CRM 4.0 rollup 20 released on 10/Nov/2011.
Rollup 20 can be uninstall on server
Rollup 20 is cumulative.

KB: KB2550098

09 November 2011

CRM 2011 Version Number

Version Build NumberRelease on
RC5.0.9688.583 22/Feb/2011
RTM5.0.9688.590 22/Mar/2011
Update Rollup 15.0.9688.1045 4/Apr/2011
Update Rollup 25.0.9688.1155 2/Jun/2011
Update Rollup 35.0.9688.1244 28/Jul/2011
Update Rollup 45.0.9688.1450 22/Sep/2011
Update Rollup 55.0.9688.1533 8/Nov/2011

CRM 2011 Diagnostics Tool

Remember the simple tool that helps a lots on debugging the CRM4 server?
Enhance version for CRM2011 has been release in CodePlex few days ago.
More user friendly for administrator this time, download it HERE to save the day...

credit goes to tanguy :)