24 August 2008

Show Scrollbar on MSCRM Titan for custom page

Fo those who wish to load custom page clicking the navigation panel. You will found that the custom page loaded in content panel wont show the scrollbar if you make explorer window smaller/page information overload.

Solution :
Use IFRAME to load your custom page. That means your navigation link is link to your IFRAME html page.

    <br />
<html style="height: 100%;"> <br />
<head> <br />
<title>Untitled Page</title> <br />
</head> <br />
<body style="width:100%; height:100%;" > <br />
<iframe id="frm" src="Search.aspx" frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%"> <br />
</iframe> <br />
</body> <br />
</html> <br />
<br />

Create a html page using the code above. Then change the “src” to your custom page url.


  1. The only probem with using the HTML to frame the .aspx page, is that the GET parameters that are normally passed to the iframe are lost. Has anyone found a solution / workaround to that?

  2. can you describe more specifically what you trying to achieve with scenario? I guess you need your page load dynamically with parameter..

  3. Any updates on passing Parameters to the child IFrame