30 June 2009

Maximum attributes supported by CRM 4!

During enterprise CRM implementation, we always deal with largr data volumn and massive configuration file. We might come to a point to ask: what is the CRM 4 attribute limit per entity?

If we study the CRM database scheme, noticed that custom attribute are store in separate table which is the extensionbase. So 1 attribute==1 column in the table. Limitation goes back to your SQL database. Different version/platform of the SQL can have different result.

To be confirm, always refer back to the Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL server.In that microsoft paper, find the limit of column per base table, that is your limit. Eg: SQL 2005 & 2008 is 1024. Which means you can have 1024 attibute per entity creation.

I do some small testing, try to create the 1025 attibute and it prompt me "exceeds the maximum of 1024 columns". Try to reduce the attibutes if can, less columns means it run more faster!


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