08 August 2009

CRM 4: Right align number fields in CRM views

My friend ask is it possible to right align those CRM integer,float and money field to right, because user complaint it is hard to read it correctly in the CRM view, especially for money fields with different value. Well the answer is YES and the solution is very easy (after doing some Google+research, credit goes to Sam Jones)

Ideal is very straight foward, modify the CRM CSS file to make it right align for number field.
  1. From the _grid folder or search from wwwroot for "AppGrid.css.aspx"
  2. Find the class started with nobr.num
  3. Add an element in it: text-align : right;
  4. Refresh your CRM page.
FYI: CRM fields such as money,integer and float type all render as nobr.num, so change one place will do.

happy CRM'ing


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