18 October 2010

No organization was specified in the configuration file

Recently, one of the client reported that the outlook client configuration wizard prompt them this error message during the CRM 4 outlook client setup.
It seems like too general for system admin to figure out the issue behind.
Besically it is caused by the particular user was not add to CRM system, thats why setup wizard can't populate the related organization and its data.
Just add the user to CRM system and grant him related privilege, case close :)
I was thinking of showing access denied is more easy for us to find out the root cause, what do you think...?


  1. I have a user that has existed in the system for years. After working in 'offline' mode he can no longer connect. We tried to uninstall/reinstall and get this error. I believe the CRM user account has been corrupted somehow. This user cannot even connect to CRM vie Internet Explorer. Do you have any thoughts?