29 February 2012

Migrating SQL Database to SQL Azure

Microsoft SQL provides serveral options for users to migrate their on-premises instance of SQL database to SQL Azure. In this post, I will use the simplest method (generate script) to prepare script for SQL Azure. Before we begin, it is good to know the limitation of SQL Azure compare to on-premises instance type of SQL, we can found the full list at MSDN here.

One of the key concern is you have to use SQL server 2008 R2 version, SQl 2008 does not support the target database to be SQL Azure.

Navigate to the database you wish to migrate. Mouse right click, select task , then generate scripts.

A wizard screen called "generate and publish script" will pop up. Select your object and define the script location. Key thing here is click the advance button.
Inside the advance option;
Set "script for the database engine type" to SQL Azure Database
Set "Convert UDDTs to Base types" to True.
Set "Types of data to script" to schema and data 
Now, execute the scripts in SQL Azure management portal, you should able to see your data in the cloud :)


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