10 February 2012

My CRM book review [Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features]

I was contacted by an online book shop “Packt Publishing” to review one of the CRM book by Jim Wang and Darren Liu. Both of them are well known CRM MVP in the field. I hope that in future will have chance to meet them up.

Back to the book review, I would say this book is more suitable for those technical people who deal with MSCRM customization as well as extending CRM. I like the way how they used simple English and the “Note” section that display extra tips for readers’ reference. In term of the book contents, I was a bit surprise because it actually included the environment setup chapter which is missing on many CRM book. :) Reading the experience by experts is the fastest way to pick up. 

The chapter - Extending CRM 2011 in the Cloud di provide summary information for readers to have a quick start on the Cloud requirement. The chapter arrangement is OK and rich, but I prefer it can include a chapter for CRM2011 troubleshooting technique. Another hot topic that missing is the claim base configuration. Overall for me, USD35.99 for almost 300 pages print book is definitely worth it. 

Book Contents preview:
1.    Setting Up the Development Workspace
This chapter provides the information about the development tools, system requirement as well as step by step guide on how to setup a CRM2011 VM.

2.    System Design and Configuration
Interesting topic arrangement where they use a project to explain the CRM2011 customization part (Entity,Form,View,Relationship)

3.    Data Import
Provides the information and option for data import with real life business example.

4.    Client site programming
Information regarding the XRM.Page namespace, SOAP and REST endpoints programming.

5.    Server side programming
Provides information on the CRM assemblies, plugin development and Process.

6.    SharePoint Integration
Show case on SharePoint integration with CRM2011.

7.    Charts and Dashboard
Information on CRM charts dashboard and filters.

8.    Extending CRM2011 in the Cloud
Information on the Azure,Email router and the CRM2011 Portal solutions.

9.    Sitemap and ribbon customization
Guide on working with sitemap, ribbon etc.

10.    Packing it up
Explain on the new concept of CRM2011, Solution. Managed and Unmanaged solution tips.


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